Donkey Milk Soap

Donkey Milk Soap

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History books tell us the great Queen Cleopatra used to bathe in donkey milk to keep her skin beautifully soft and clear...

Our super creamy and bubbly soaps are made from a blend of ethically sourced donkey milk with vegetable soap base. 

Containing anti-ageing properties like vitamins A, B, C, D and E (no, we aren't joking!) our beautiful soap can regenerate and hydrate the skin and can reduce fine lines all over your body. 

The fragrances:

Innoscents - Clean, fresh and soft

Cleopatra - A romantic femme fatale 

Lolita - Delicately seductive and fresh

Contraband Alluring and questionably legal

The Barista Early morning double shot

Ziggy - An uplifting, tingly scent-sation 

Unscented Creamy and subdued 


Each soap comes in a pack of two.


*If you would like to use our soap on your face, we recommend purchasing the unscented option. Always do a test patch in a discreet area to ensure no irritation occurs.